How often is nailing required on horizontal siding?

Every 16 inches.

Why can’t vinyl siding be nailed on tight?

Vinyl siding must be “free” to expand and contract without bulging on the wall. A minimum of 1/32” clearance between the fastener and the siding panel is required.

When installing horizontal vinyl siding, a minimum clearance is required between the end of the panel and the interior of the J-trim. What is the minimum clearance required to allow for normal expansion?

¼" is the minimum requirement.

What are three rules of thumb for installing vinyl siding?

1. Siding must be able to move freely from side to side. 2. Nail in the center of the slots. 3. Do not face nail through the siding.

Can Kaycan Sidings be installed on a SIP (structural insulated panel) application or to steel studs?

Kaycan has no hardboard application instructions addressing these types of applications. Installing Kaycan Sidings on these types of structures would be at the discretion and risk of the installer and property owner.

Can vinyl siding be applied directly over wood siding?

To install siding over existing hardboard or wood siding you must use furring strips. Furring strips are 1″ X 3″ strips of wood nailed vertically every 12″ to 16″ around the entire house. This will act as a flat surface …

Is vinyl siding easy to install?

If you are fairly handy with tools and overall home improvements don’t intimidate you then yes, vinyl is fairly easy to install. Kaycan recommends watching an instructional video and reading our installation manual closely. Be sure to follow all directions …